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Faculty and investigators

Daniel Grossman, MD, ANSIRH Director. 510-986-8941. Email
Daniel Grossman focuses his research on both clinical and social science studies aimed at improving access to contraception and safe abortion in the United States, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa, as well as evaluating the impact of integrating reproductive health and HIV services. He has served on committees for professional ...read full bio
Diana Greene Foster, PhD, Director of Research. 510-986-8940. Email
Diana Greene Foster, PhD, is a professor and demographer who uses quantitative models and analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of family planning policies and the effect of unwanted pregnancy on women’s lives. She leads the Turnaway Study, a nationwide longitudinal prospective study of the health and well-being of women who seek ...read full bio
Nancy Berglas, DrPH, Public Health Social Scientist. 510-986-8925. Email
Nancy Berglas, DrPH, is a public health social scientist at ANSIRH. Her research interests center on issues of adolescent sexual health and rights, the evaluation of school-based sexuality education programs, access to sexual health services, and the use of evidence in the development of sexual health programs and policies. Dr. Berglas’ ...read full bio
M. Antonia Biggs, PhD, Associate Professor. 510-986-8961. Email
M. Antonia Biggs, PhD, is a social psychologist researcher at ANSIRH. Dr. Biggs’ research is dedicated towards better understanding the barriers faced by economically disadvantaged populations in accessing reproductive health services so that policy can be designed to improve their social and health outcomes. Her specific research ...read full bio
Carol Camlin, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor in Residence. 510-986-8981. Email
Carol Camlin, PhD, MPH, is Associate Professor in Residence in the UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences and is affiliated with the UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health and Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. Her research crosses the disciplines of social demography, sociology, and public health ...read full bio
Lori Freedman, PhD, Associate Professor, Medical Sociologist. 510-986-8948. Email
Lori Freedman, PhD, is a sociologist and a Greenwall Faculty Scholar at the University of California, San Francisco. She conducts research with Advancing New Standards In Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), a program of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at UCSF. Dr. Freedman investigates the ways in which reproductive health care ...read full bio
Carole Joffe, PhD, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 510-986-8938. Email
Carole Joffe is a professor at ANSIRH and a professor of sociology emerita at the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on the social dimensions of reproductive health, with a particular interest in abortion provision. Her current book (with David Cohen) Obstacle Course: The Everyday Struggle to get an Abortion in America ...read full bio
Katrina Kimport, PhD, Associate Professor. 510-986-8947. Email
Katrina Kimport is a qualitative medical sociologist whose research focuses on gender, sexuality, and social movements. Dr. Kimport's research engages two central themes: understanding women’s personal and social experience of abortion and contraception; and investigating the cultural negotiation of controversial social issues related to ...read full bio
Monica McLemore, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, Associate Professor. 415-200-6097. Email
Monica McLemore, RN, MPH, PhD, is focused on understanding the factors that influence the health, wellbeing and livelihood of low-income and women of color who I am fortunate enough to serve clinically at Zuckerberg San Francisco General. Using the intersectional human rights middle range theory called reproductive Justice (RJ), enables ...read full bio
Lauren Ralph, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Epidemiologist. 510-986-8933. Email
Dr. Ralph is an epidemiologist whose research examines the context in which women, and in particular adolescents, make decisions around pregnancy and childbirth, and the consequences of unintended childbearing on women’s health and well-being. Her current work includes research on the longitudinal effect of being denied a wanted abortion ...read full bio
Sarah Roberts, DrPH, Associate Professor. 510-986-8962. Email
Sarah Roberts, DrPH, is an Associate Professor at ANSIRH, at the University of California, San Francisco. She studies the ways that policies and the health care system punish, rather than support, structurally vulnerable pregnant women, including pregnant women using alcohol and drugs and pregnant women considering abortion. Dr. Roberts ...read full bio
Corinne Rocca, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Epidemiologist. 510-986-8983. Email
Corinne Rocca is an Epidemiologist at UCSF's Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health. Her research interests include prevention of unintended pregnancy, adolescent sexual behavior, contraceptive use, pregnancy intentions, and latent variable measurement. Dr. Rocca's research has focused on the measurement and significance of ...read full bio
Gretchen Sisson, PhD, Sociologist. 510-986-8951. Email
Gretchen Sisson is a qualitative sociologist whose research focuses on social constructions of parenthood, specifically examining teen pregnancy and young parenthood, infertility and assisted reproductive technologies, and adoption and birth motherhood. Her current research with ANSIRH focuses on representations of abortion and ...read full bio
Ushma Upadhyay, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor. 510-986-8946. Email
Ushma Upadhyay, PhD, MPH is a public health Social Scientist trained in epidemiology and demography. Her work encompasses two overarching themes: the effects of women's empowerment and gender equity on reproductive health and improving access to contraception and abortion care.  Dr. Upadhyay has expertise in abortion safety, abortion ...read full bio
Katie Woodruff, DrPH, Social Science Fellow in Reproductive and Maternal Health. 510-986-8927. Email
Katie Woodruff, DrPH, is a Social Science Fellow in Reproductive and Maternal Health at ANSIRH. Her research explores the intersection of public discourse and public policy related to maternal and reproductive health in the U.S. She conducts qualitative and mixed methods studies on abortion and contraception, alcohol and drug use in ...read full bio


Chris Ahlbach, Medical Student. Email
Chris Ahlbach is a medical student at UCSF who was awarded the opportunity from the UCSF School of Medicine to do one year of research with Dr. Diana Greene Foster on the Nepal Turnaway Study. He has a strong commitment to incorporating policy-directed research in his future career as an ObGyn, particularly in global family planning and ...read full bio
Finley Baba, MPH, Project Manager. 510-986-8973. Email
Finley Baba is a Project Manager involved in ANSIRH’s body of work around expanding access to medication abortion through methods of alternative provision including pharmacy dispensing. Finley has been at ANSIRH since 2016 and has expertise in data management and survey design and programming. She has an international background and is ...read full bio
Rana E. Barar, MPH, Senior Project Director. 510-986-8937. Email
Rana E. Barar, is Senior Project Director, overseeing a range of studies aimed at providing data on the safety and acceptability of alternative methods of provision of medication abortion. Rana formerly led implementation of the Turnaway Study, featured in the new book, The Turnaway Study: Ten Years, a Thousand Women, and the ...read full bio
Molly Battistelli, MPH, Director of Administration and Policy. 510-986-8966. Email
Molly Battistelli directs several projects that aim to advance reproductive justice and access to health care for all women. Her work emphasizes a public health/health services approach to understanding the complex forces that affect the policy landscape for reproductive health care in the United States. Ms. Battistelli’s current focus ...read full bio
Michele Benjamin, MBA, Financial Analyst. 415-476-2634. Email
Michele Benjamin is a post award analyst for the Bixby Group and ANSIRH, in addition to the Women’s Health Clinical Research Center, in OB/GYN.  She has a business and finance background and has worked in a multitude of environments.  After graduation from UC Berkeley, she became a trader working on the floor of Montgomery Securities, an ...read full bio
Nicole Bloom, MA, PMP, Project Director. 510-986-8989. Email
Nicole Bloom is a Project Director with ANSIRH for teams addressing public health approaches to abortion, evaluation of abortion restrictions, and drug and alcohol pregnancy policy studies.  Nicole is a whole-systems thinker and innovator with experience managing technology, people, projects, and programs to facilitate critical ...read full bio
Clare Cook, Program Coordinator. 510-986-8922 ex122. Email
Clare Cook has joined ANSIRH as a Program Coordinator, offering assistance to the office at large. Additionally she is providing Executive Level Assistant to the Director of ANSIRH Dr. Daniel Grossman. Clare started her career with UCSF in 2012 as an administrative assistant to the office of the Vice Dean of the School of Medicine at ...read full bio
Katherine Ehrenreich, MSc, Project Manager. Email
Katherine Ehrenreich is a Project Manager for a variety of studies that aim to improve access to reproductive health care in the U.S. Her projects include the Utah Telemedicine Evaluation Project, and other studies aiming to expand access to abortion provision. Previously, Ms. Ehrenreich worked in Laos for Population Services ...read full bio
Monica Getahun, MPH, PMP, East Africa Program Director. Email
Monica Getahun serves as the East Africa Program Director for a range of research projects under Carol Camlin and collaborates with other UCSF investigators in Kenya and Uganda. Ms. Getahun is a first generation immigrant from Ethiopia, and brings over thirteen years in applied research and evaluation. She’s worked in evaluation and ...read full bio
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Project Manager. 510-986-8959. Email
Elizabeth Gonzalez is a Project Manager for ANSIRH’s ADAPT study and will carry out the recruitment and collect data in different states in the Southwest. Ms. Gonzalez’s research interests revolve around stigma, inequality, and access to sexual and reproductive health care. Previously, she helped support a research team at UC Berkeley ...read full bio
Heather Gould, MPH, Project Director. 510-986-8936. Email
Heather Gould currently serves as the Research Director for the ADAPT and Turnaway Studies. Ms. Gould has been involved with the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health since it was founded and has worked on many center research and policy projects over the years. She has extensive experience designing and implementing qualitative ...read full bio
Tanvi Gurazada, Project Coordinator. (510) 986- 8957 . Email
Tanvi is a Project Coordinator with ANSIRH’s Alternative Provision of Medication Abortion team. She provides research and administrative support on projects that evaluate the impact of developing alternative methods of accessing medication abortion. Tanvi is extremely passionate about improving reproductive healthcare access and outcomes ...read full bio
Steph Herold, MPH, Research Analyst. Email
Steph Herold, MPH, is a Research Analyst who conducts qualitative research on the portrayal of abortion on television and in film. Steph has twelve years of experience in the reproductive health, rights, and justice field, including co-founding the Sea Change Program, the first non-profit to focus entirely on reducing abortion stigma. ...read full bio
Shelly Kaller, MPH, Project Director. 510-986-8945. Email
Shelly Kaller has been a Senior Research Associate at the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health since 2005, conducting research and evaluation for adolescent and women’s health programs. She currently directs the Health and Reproductive Choices (HeR Choices) Study at ANSIRH, which explores the psychosocial motivations and ...read full bio
Joi Lee, East Africa Program Assistant. Email
Joi Lee is a Research Assistant working with Carol Camlin on her research portfolio in Uganda and Kenya. Joi is former SF Build Scholar with an interest in clinical health disparities and its impact on the health of vulnerable populations. She is also a former Diversity Fellow (NIH) at UCSF in non-communicable disease interventions for ...read full bio
Virali Modi-Parekh, MBA, Strategic Communications Director. 510-986-8975. Email
Virali Modi-Parekh is ANSIRH's Strategic Communications Director. With 17 years of experience in communications, strategy, and advocacy on health and environment, her focus is on translating science and research to help shift prevailing narratives. Virali has led brand, digital, and program communications for organizations focused on ...read full bio
Natalie Morris, MPH, Project Manager. 510-986-8969. Email
Natalie Morris is a Project Manager focusing on alternative methods of provision of medication abortion in the U.S. She is passionate about improving access to abortion care and contraception, both domestically and abroad. Previously, Natalie worked for the UC Berkeley Bixby Center for Population, Health, and Sustainability, researching ...read full bio
Isabel Muñoz, MPH, Research Manager. 510-986-8970. Email
Isabel Muñoz is a Research Manager for ANSIRH’s ADAPT study and will be recruiting participants and collecting data in the Southwest. After interning for Ibis Reproductive Health for approximately a year and a half, Isabel knew she wanted to continue conducting research on sexual and reproductive health. She is interested in ...read full bio
Jessica Navarro, MPH, Administrative and Program Coordinator. 510-986-8939. Email
Jessica Navarro is an Administrative and Program Coordinator for the Alternative Provision of Medication Abortion team. She provides execute level support to ANSIRH Director, Dr. Daniel Grossman, as well as project support within the team. Jessica is passionate about health education, health equity and improving reproductive health ...read full bio
Aura Orozco-Fuentes, Msc, Office Manager. 510-986-8923. Email
Aura Orozco-Fuentes, MSc, is ANSIRH's Office Manager. She has extensive administrative experience in project management and event planning and is passionate about healthcare and women's reproductive rights. Before joining ANSIRH, Mrs. Orozco-Fuentes worked for UCSF's Healthforce Center as a Program Coordinator for Pew Programs in the ...read full bio
Miriam Parra, BA, Project Coordinator. Email
Miriam Parra is a Project Coordinator at ANSIRH and provides administrative and research support on projects that examine the impact of abortion restrictions on women’s lives. Miriam began her career as a Health Educator, developing and facilitating culturally relevant sexual education curriculum for trans-border students living in the ...read full bio
Jasmine Powell, Project Manager. 510-986-8922. Email
Jasmine Powell is a Project Manager for ANSIRH’s Turnaway Study, HeR Choices, and the ADAPT Study which aim to evaluate the effectiveness of family planning policies and the impact of unintended pregnancy on women’s lives. Ms. Powell received her bachelor’s degree in 2013 and began working at UCSF, first for the Orthopedic Trauma ...read full bio
Sarah Raifman, MSc, Project Director. 510-986-8974. Email
Sarah is a Project Director for a variety of research projects at ANSIRH that aim to expand access to reproductive health care in the U.S. and internationally. Her work focuses on measuring morbidity and mortality due to unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion, evaluating the impact of abortion restrictions on women’s health and ...read full bio
Rosalyn Schroeder, Msc, MPH, Project Manager. 510-986-8931. Email
Rosalyn Schroeder is a Project Manager for the Louisiana Admitting Privileges Study, which serves to examine barriers to abortion care in Louisiana. Prior to joining ANSIRH, Rosalyn worked for five years for the UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health where she acted as the research and evaluation manager for a series of multi- ...read full bio
Sabrina Serrano, BA, Research Coordinator. 714-767-9942. Email
Sabrina Serrano (Kenyon College – BA in Neuroscience, 2018) is a Research Coordinator for ANSIRH’s ADAPT study who coordinates informed consent, recruitment, collection of data, and correspondence with study participants. She is focused on understanding the contributing factors to health and overall wellbeing of low income and women of ...read full bio
Angie Shin, Project Coordinator. 510-986-8926. Email
Angie Shin is a Project Coordinator for the ADAPT Study, Turnaway Nepal study, and a number of other studies. She brings her passion for social justice and extensive UCSF related experience to the table having over 15 years of UC experience. Before working at ANSIRH, Angie served as Program Administrator for UCSF Department of Surgery ...read full bio
Claudia Zaugg, MPH, Project Manager. 510-986-8943. Email
Claudia Zaugg is a Project Manager for ANSIRH’s Health Department Engagement on Abortion project. Claudia is passionate about translating research into practice and building the capacity of public health practitioners to advance health equity. Prior to ANSIRH, she worked at the Best Babies Zone Initiative where she supported ...read full bio

Banner photo: Aura Orozco-Fuentes. 

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