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Abortion Restrictions

Over the last decade, elected officials across the United States have passed hundreds of laws that end up making it harder, and sometimes impossible, for people to get abortions. Other laws seek to change people’s minds about having an abortion. These laws target many aspects of abortion access and care.

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Some of the laws require providers to tell patients information about abortion that is not supported by research; some mandate that abortion clinics conform to the standards of ambulatory surgical centers, which can mean expensive renovations that can force clinics to close; and other laws may make women wait up to three days between their initial appointment and their abortion. These laws are rarely supported by evidence of necessity and do not make abortion any safer, nor do they help people with their abortion decisions. As a result of a combination of these restrictions, many abortion clinics have been shut down, which can create “abortion deserts” or cities in the U.S. where residents must travel over 100 miles to reach an abortion clinic.

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