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A headshot of Heather Gould

Heather Gould, MPH

Project Director

Heather Gould is the Project Director for the ADAPT (Attitudes and Decision-making after Pregnancy Test) Study. A founding staff member of the ANSIRH Program in 2002, Heather has co-designed, managed, and implemented sexual and reproductive health research studies for more than two decades. Heather has co-authored over 25 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals. Narratives from qualitative interviews she conducted are featured in The Turnaway Study: Ten Years, A Thousand Women, and the Consequences of Having— or Being Denied— an Abortion. Prior to working in research, Heather worked in prenatal care, family planning, and abortion settings, experiences which continue to inform her work. Heather’s areas of interest include peoples’ pregnancy preferences and decision-making, access to reproductive health care, research ethics, and policies that advance reproductive justice more broadly. Heather received her MPH from the University of California, Berkeley, with a concentration on Maternal and Child Health.

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