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ANSIRH's Diana Greene Foster delivers TED Talk on The Turnaway Study

Dr. Diana Greene Foster, professor at Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), delivered a moving presentation on The Turnaway Study at the annual TEDWomen conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

A headshot image of Dr. Diana Greene Foster

For over five years, Dr. Foster and her team of researchers followed 1,000 women seeking abortion and compared the trajectories of the women who received a wanted abortion to those who were turned away. They found that being denied an abortion results in worse financial, health, and family outcomes for pregnant people and their families. The Turnaway Study has resulted in more than 50 research articles, a lecture series, a book, and a play

Using gold-standard research and stories from her own family, Dr. Diana Greene Foster describes how being able to make one’s own decision about childbearing is crucial for the physical, mental, and economic wellbeing of pregnant people and their families. 

Watch Dr. Foster's TED Talk in its entirety now.