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ANSIRH Statement on the Dobbs v. Jackson Decision

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court to eliminate federal protection for abortion care contradicts scientific evidence. Research shows that abortion is a critical part of healthcare that allows families and communities to thrive. 

ANSIRH Director, Dr. Daniel Grossman, MD, on the SCOTUS decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: 

“This decision flies in the face of science and against what the research community has been saying for decades. Today the Supreme Court has eliminated federal protection of the right to abortion - an essential health service that is overwhelmingly safe and should be available for anyone who needs it. ANSIRH stands against this decision as one that will have devastating consequences to people’s lives and their families. 

We will continue to serve as a voice for science in debates and decisions - especially those, like today's, based on ideology and politics.”

ANSIRH research has demonstrated time and again that abortion is safe, essential healthcare. In fact, the Turnaway Study shows that when people are denied abortion care, they and their families experience harms for years to come, in the form of economic insecurity, poorer physical health, reduced ambitions, and negative effects on their relationships and their children. ANSIRH studies show that many people will not be able to overcome the cost and distance challenges to reach a state where abortion will be legal - leaving them with few options to control their futures. Our research also shows that people who experience more barriers to abortion care are more likely to attempt to self-manage an abortion. We anticipate that this will increase, which underscores the need for access to safe and effective methods like abortion pills. Given these challenges will fall even more on the shoulders of Americans who are already trying to make ends meet, health inequality will likely only increase.