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Abortion portrayal

13 Reasons Why (television)

13 Reasons Why

During her speech for class president, Jessica announces to the school that Bryce raped her. Chloe leaves the auditorium in tears, and then confides in Zach, the new captain of the football team, that she’s pregnant but that Bryce does not know.

Chloe is shown at an office called “Resources for Choice." A woman shows her a printout of a sonogram, and when Chloe says she needs an abortion but can’t afford one, the woman tries to convince her to carry the pregnancy to term. Chloe then realizes that she’s not at a doctor’s office, but an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center.

She shares the experience with Zach, who says he’s so sorry that that happened to her. He offers to help Chloe raise her baby, and she declines. Zach accompanies her to visit an abortion clinic, where a nurse asks Chloe about the circumstances of her pregnancy, and she says she forgot to take her birth control pills.  Chloe comes back a few days later, Zach by her side. She is shouted at by protestors as she walks in, and Zach helps her past them.

The abortion procedure is shown onscreen, with the doctor telling Chloe when she’ll feel “pressure” and “a pinch” and the nurse reassuringly tells her she’s “doing great.” Chloe breathes deeply and is clearly uncomfortable. but the suction turns off after a moment, and she sighs deeply. She is then shown in the recovery room with other woman being offered juice.

Keywords: pregnancy decision.

Episodes: If You're Breathing, You're a Liar
Release date: August 23, 2019
Time setting: Present (2019)
Geographical setting: US (California)
Abortion legality: Legal
Health outcomes: None
Character age: Teen
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Network: Netflix

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