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Providing abortion care: A professional toolkit for nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners and physician assistants

Publication type: 

Training materials

Publication source: 

University of California San Francisco

Publication date: 

January 2009


Providing Abortion Care: A Professional Toolkit for Nurse-Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants is the result of collaboration between the Provide, ANSIRH, and the National Abortion Federation. The Toolkit is a professional guide for certified nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the United States who are either currently providing or would like to offer abortion care within their practices. It also offers background information, resources and guidelines for professional advancement regardless of a particular area of practice. From the introduction: 

“The APC Toolkit helps clinicians compile crucial evidence and documentation to support the integration of early abortion care as an essential part of women’s health care services. It guides APCs in the development of a professional portfolio that documents their basic and their abortion specialty education, knowledge, and training and the clinical and professional standards they use in providing safe care. It includes essential information and statistics about abortion care and access, professional standards and competencies, and the roles of state and national professional organizations and state licensing boards. Case studies demonstrating the establishment of abortion care as within the APC scope of practice provide strategies for success.”


Executive Summary

Module One: Understanding Abortion Care

Module Two: Advancing Scope of Practice to Include Abortion Care

Section III. APC Practice Regulation: Roles of Legislatures, Licensing Boards, and Professional Organizations

  1. State Abortion Laws and APCs
  2. Credentialing Framework for APCs
  3. General Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  4. Understanding Scope of Practice
  5. Who Determines Scope of Practice
  6. How Individual APCs Can Participate in Scope of Practice Determinations
  7. Getting to Know Your Professional Community


Section IV. Advancing Abortion into APC Scope of Practice: Evidence and Methods

  1. Professional-Organization Position Statements on Abortion Care by APCs
  2. Essential Elements of Professional Practice That Establish APCs as Qualified Providers of Abortion Care
  3. Evidence of Education and Training in Abortion Care
  4. Evidence of Legislative, Legal & Regulatory Environments: Provider Restrictions and Legal Strategies for Establishing Abortion as within APC Scope of Practice
  5. Applying the Evidence: How Professional and Licensing Boards Assess or Advance Scope of Practice
  6. Strategies for Working with State APC Regulatory Boards
  7. Case Studies: Montana, New York, Oregon, Arizona, and Alaska


Section V. Becoming Clinically Competent and Documenting Competency in Abortion Care

  1. Specialty Education and Training in Abortion Care: Opportunities and Resources
  2. The Professional Portfolio: Proactive Documentation of Professional Credentials
  3. Case Study: Developing a Portfolio in Response to a Challenge



Center photo ©2009 Jana Carrey Photography

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