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Patriarchal Beliefs Scale

The Patriarchal Beliefs Scale (PBS) is a conceptually and psychometrically solid measure for patriarchal beliefs among U.S. adults that encompasses micro-, meso-, and macro- level social systems.

Developed by:

Eunju Yoon, Kristen Adams, Ingrid Hogge, John P. Bruner, Shruti Surya, Fred. B Bryant (Loyola University Chicago)

Measure domains:

Factor 1: Institutional Power Of Men Factor 2: Inherent Inferiority of Women Factor 3: Gendered Domestic Roles

Items and subscales:

35 items

3 subscales

Cronbach's alpha:

F1 = 0.97
F2 = 0.97
F3 = 0.95

Total Scale = 0.96

Study population(s):

U.S American adults from diverse demographic and geographic backgrounds.

Additional information:

Construct validity assessed using Modern Sexism Scale (MS),
Attitudes Toward Feminism Scale (FEM), and shortened
Attitudes Toward Women Scale (AWS).

Measure validated?:


Link(s) to Validation Study and/or Measure:

Citation of original article

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Yoon E, Adams K, Hogge I, Bruner JP, Surya S, Bryant FB. (2015).
Journal of Counseling Psychology. 62(2):264-79. doi: 10.1037/cou0000056.