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Hyperfemininity Scale

The Hyper femininity Scale is is a measure to assess adherence to more traditional female gender ideologies.

Developed by:

Sarah K. Murnen (Kenyon College), Donn Byrne (University of Albany)

Items and subscales:

26 items

Outcomes predicted:

Sexual coercion

Rape myth acceptance

Cronbach's alpha:


Study population(s):

U.S. undergraduate women from the University at Albany.

Additional information:

Validity assessed using existing measures of traditional family values and attitudes about the rights and roles of women.

Measure validated?:


Link(s) to Validation Study and/or Measure:

Citation of original article

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Murnen, S.K. & Byrne D. (1991). Hyperfemininity: measurement and initial validation of the construct, The Journal of Sex Research 28 (3), 479-489 Taylor & Francis, Ltd.