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Headshot of Sabrina Serrano

Sabrina Serrano, BA

Research Coordinator

Sabrina Serrano (Kenyon College – BA in Neuroscience, 2018) is a Research Coordinator for ANSIRH’s ADAPT study who coordinates informed consent, recruitment, collection of data, and correspondence with study participants. She is focused on understanding the contributing factors to health and overall wellbeing of low income and women of color, especially regarding pregnancy. With former aspirations of being a Neuroscience researcher, Sabrina’s experiences within research institutions along with her identity as a Mexican-American woman from a working class background did not allow her to ignore institutional exclusion within research. After being taught the principal tenants of Reproductive Justice and applying an RJ lens to research by Dr. Karen Scott, MD, OB-GYN, MPH her senior year at Kenyon College, she re-focused her passion for healthcare, especially mental health, into public health work. She plans on applying her training in Neuroscience research, Reproductive Justice, and Latin@/x American Studies to her work in ADAPT in the ways possible.