Levels of certainty were comparable to, and often higher than, levels of certainty found in other studies on health care decision making.
Read the new opinion piece by ANSIRH's Dan Grossman in US News & World Report
The Abortion Onscreen project examines how abortion provision was portrayed on TV from 2005 – 2014
Carole Joffe comments on the decision and anticipates the road ahead
After the law went into effect in 2011, women were three times more likely to require additional medical treatments to complete their abortions.
"...we owe it to those serving our country to make available to them the full spectrum of necessary reproductive health services," say ANSIRH's Dan Grossman and Carole Joffe in a letter published in the New York Times
Big wins in the marriage equality movement and lessons for advocates for safe and legal abortion
The practice increased access to abortion and helped women access care earlier in pregnancy
New research on national policies finds that the vast majority of countries with liberal or liberally interpreted abortion laws provide public funding for the service
One in five women is interested, particularly if they have difficulty in obtaining or refilling a prescription.
ANSIRH’s Global Turnaway Study releases short film of stories from women denied abortion across the world.
Most women visited the study PRC for parenting resources, especially diapers and baby items/clothes.
The Newsweek op-ed examines the causes of the drop in abortions between 2013 and 2014.
The law did little to prevent women from having an abortion.
Turnaway Study analysis shows no increased risk of PTSD among women who had abortions compared to women who were denied abortions.
Fictional characters who have abortions are younger, whiter, and richer than their real-life counterparts.

Welcome to ANSIRH

Welcome to ANSIRH

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