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Abortion portrayal

UnReal (television)


In earlier episodes, Quinn finds out that she's pregnant as a result of having sex with a contestant on Everlasting. She's surprised by this since doctors have told her that she's infertile. Her boyfriend, the show's former producer Chet, is excited about the possibility of parenting, yet after Quinn returns from an OB/GYN appointment, she shares that the fetus only has a 5% chance of survival, and if the baby lives, it will have a short life. Later, we see Quinn laying in bed, presumably recovering from an abortion. Her friend and colleague Rachel asks if there wasn't anything wrong with the baby, and Quinn replies that it doesn't matter, she wasn't meant to be a mother.

Keywords: pregnancy decision.

Episodes: Sudden Death
Release date: July 17, 2018
Time setting: Present (2018)
Geographical setting: US (California)
Abortion legality: Legal
Health outcomes: None
Character age: 30-39
Genre: Drama
Network: Hulu

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