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Abortion portrayal

Shrill (television)


In this comedy based on Lindy West's memoir of the same name, Annie is a young writer works at a local publication. She gets pregnant after the morning after pill fails. She's outraged to discover that the pharmacist who's been giving her the morning after pill for the last few weeks didn't tell her it might not work for her. She tries to tell the man she's been having sex with that they need to talk, but he responds to her texts with jokey GIFs.  

At a flea market, Annie talks to her roommate Fran, a gay Black woman, about what she should do about the pregnancy. Fran replies, “Get an abortion before it becomes illegal or something.” Annie wonder if this is her chance to be a mom, and Annie comforts her saying she'll have many other chances with a person who isn't ashamed to be with her. Fran accompanies Annie to Planned Parenthood, where she has a surgical abortion. Fran holds her hand during the abortion, which takes about one minute on screen.

The next morning, Annie is wearing a new dress and talks about how the abortion made her think a lot about her life, and how she feels powerful after making a decision for herself and no one else. She goes to Ryan's house, tells him about the abortion, and breaks up with him. At work, she pitches her editor an article, and he says yes. 

In the next episode, Annie meets Ryan's mom, who confronts her about "aborting my grandbaby." Ryan's mom wants to have a funeral for the fetus. 

Keyword: Pregnancy decision, abortion provider.

Episodes: Annie, Date
Release date: March 15, 2019
Time setting: Present (2019)
Geographical setting: US (Oregon)
Abortion legality: Legal
Health outcomes: None
Character age: 20-29
Genre: Comedy
Network: Hulu

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