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Abortion portrayal

Eye of God (film)


For several years, Aynslee (played by Martha Plimpton) has corresponded with Jack, an incarcerated man who's been sentenced for molestation. When Jack is released from prison, he asks Aynslee to marry him, and she accepts. Six months later, Jack's behavior becomes abusive, forcing his wife to attend Church and forbidding her from leaving the home. When Aynslee becomes pregnant, she wants to get an abortion because she doesn't love her husband anymore. She decides to leave Jack but he won't let her go so easily.

Keywords: Pregnancy decision.

Release date: October 17, 1997
Time setting: Present
Geographical setting: US (Oklahoma)
Abortion legality: Legal
Character age: 20-29
Genre: Crime, Drama
Production company: Minnow Pictures

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