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Publications related to the Turnaway Study


Miller S
Wherry LR
The Economic Consequences of Being Denied an Abortion. January 2020. The National Bureau of Economic Research, NBER Working Paper No. 26662. (Request pdf)



Attitudes Toward Abortion After Receiving vs. Being Denied an Abortion in the USA. March 2018. Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 15(4):452-463. (Request pdf)
Moseson H
Vittinghoff E
Contraceptive Use over Five Years After Receipt Or Denial of Abortion Services. March 2018. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 50(1):7-14. (Request pdf)
Subsequent Unintended Pregnancy Among US Women Who Receive or Are Denied a Wanted Abortion. January 2018. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, 63(1):45-52. (Request pdf)


DePiñeres T
Mora M
Villarreal C
Gerdts C
‘I felt the world crash down on me’: Women’s experiences being denied legal abortion in Colombia. October 2017. Reproductive Health, 14(1):133. doi: 10.1186/s12978-017-0391-5. (Request pdf)
Tribunal Constitucional de Chile
Chile Tribunal to Liberalize Abortion Law. August 2017. Video. (Request pdf)


Hossain A
Moseson H
Gerdts C
Biswas KK
Effects of being denied safe MR in Bangladesh. October 2016. (Request pdf)
Harries J
Momberg M
Gerdts C
Denial of legal abortion in South Africa. March 2016. (Request pdf)


Hajri S
Gerdts C
Baum SE
‘This is Real Misery’: Experiences of Women Denied Legal Abortion in Tunisia. December 2015. PLOS One, 10(12):e0145338. (Request pdf)
Neuhaus J
Mental Health Diagnoses 3 Years After Receiving or Being Denied an Abortion in the United States. December 2015. American Journal of Public Health, 105(12):2557-63. (Request pdf)
Puri M
Vohra D
Gerdts C
Effects of being denied legal abortion in Nepal. November 2015. (Request pdf)
Effect of abortion vs. carrying to term on a woman's relationship with the man involved in the pregnancy. March 2015. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 47(1):11-8. (Request pdf)
Receiving versus being denied an abortion and subsequent tobacco use. March 2015. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 19(3):438-46. (Request pdf)


Does abortion reduce self-esteem and life satisfaction? November 2014. Quality of Life Research, 23(9):2505-13. (Request pdf)
Wilsnack SC
Delucchi K
Alcohol Use Before and During Unwanted Pregnancy. November 2014. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 38(11):2844-52. (Request pdf)
Weitz TA
Jones RK
Denial of Abortion Because of Provider Gestational Age Limits in the United States. September 2014. American Journal of Public Health, 104(9):1687-94. (Request pdf)
The Role of Intimate Partners in Women’s Reasons for Seeking Abortion. February 2014. Women's Health Issues, 24(1):e131-138. (Request pdf)


Who Seeks Abortion at or After 20 Weeks? December 2013. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 45(4):210-218. (Request pdf)
Denial of abortion care due to gestational age limits. January 2013. Contraception, 87(1):3-5. (Request pdf)


Harris-Perry M
Diana Greene Foster on MSNBC. November 2012. (Request pdf)
Avalos LA
Sinkford D
Alcohol, tobacco and drug use as reasons for abortion. November-December 2012. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 47(6):640-8. (Request pdf)
Gerdts C
The UCSF Global Turnaway Study. October 2012. (Request pdf)

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