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Space for Action Scale

The Space for Action Scale was developed from scratch using the nested ecological model of IPV to measure how women's lives are limited by coercive control in abusive relationships and the degree to which women feel free to do what they want in their lives.

Developed by:

Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, Liz Kelly (London Metropolitan University), Renate Klein (University of Maine Orono)

Measure domains:

Support and relationships
Wider community

Items and subscales:

39 items

7 subscales

Outcomes predicted:

Coercive Control

Cronbach's alpha:

Entire Scale:
Range from .87-.95

Study population(s):

Majority British women ages 18-61 years, diverse across numerous sociodemographic variables.

Additional information:

Study also includes the Coercive Control UK (CCUK) Scale

Measure validated?:


Citation of original article

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Sharp-Jeffs et al. (2018). Long journeys toward freedom: the relationship between coercive control and space for action-measurement and emerging evidence, Violence Against Women 24(2), 163-185. SAGE DOI:10.1177/1077801216686199