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Global Psychological Empowerment Scale for Women (GPESW)

The Global Psychological Empowerment Scale for Women is a valid and reliable measure to assess women's psychological empowerment in their day-to-day life (e.g., roles, responsibilities, problems, and their solutions etc.).

Developed by:

Syeda Azra Batool and Syeda Shahida Batool

Measure domains:

Problem Focused Coping

Items and subscales:

21 items
5 subscales

Outcomes predicted:


Cronbach's alpha:


subscales range from 0.64-0.84

Study population(s):

Married women ages 21-60, living with their husbands and with at least one child.

Additional information:

Validity assessed using correlations with Psychological Empowerment Questionnaire (PEQ) for Employees and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS)

Measure validated?:


Citation of original article

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Batool, S. A., & Batool, S. S. (2017). Construction and validation of Global Psychological Empowerment Scale for Women. Pakistan Journal of Clinical and Social Psychology, 15(1), 3-10.