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Goldstein RL
Raine TR
With Pills, Patches, Rings, and Shots: Who Still Uses Condoms? A Longitudinal Cohort Study January 2013. Journal of Adolescent Health, 52(1):77-82. (Request pdf)
Berg JA
Taylor D
Woods NF
Where we are today: prioritizing women’s health services and health policy. A report by the Women’s Health Expert Panel of the American Academy of Nursing January 2013. Nursing Outlook, 61(1):5-15. (Request pdf)
Denial of abortion care due to gestational age limits. January 2013. Contraception, 87(1):3-5.
The Politicization of Abortion and the Evolution of Abortion Counseling January 2013. American Journal of Public Health, 103(1):57-65. (Request pdf)
Grindlay K
Buchacker T
Potter JE
Schmertmann CP
Changes in service delivery patterns after introduction of telemedicine provision of medical abortion in Iowa. January 2013. American Journal of Public Health, 103(1): 73-78.
Gerdts C
Vohra D
Ahern J
Measuring Unsafe Abortion-Related Mortality: A Systematic Review of the Existing Methods January 2013. PLOS One, 8(1):e53346. (Request pdf)


Weitz TA
A Need to Change Our Thinking about ‘Repeat’ Abortions December 2012. Contraception, 71(8):616-23. (Request pdf)
Harris-Perry M
Diana Greene Foster on MSNBC. November 2012.
Preskill F
Cockrill K
Weitz TA
Women’s Perspectives on Ultrasound Viewing in the Abortion Care Context November 2012. Women's Health Issues, 22(6):e513-e517. (Request pdf)
Avalos LA
Sinkford D
Alcohol, tobacco and drug use as reasons for abortion. November-December 2012. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 47(6):640-8.
Baralt L
Weitz TA
The Komen–Planned Parenthood Controversy: Bringing the Politics of Breast Cancer Advocacy to the Forefronts November 2012. Women's Health Issues, 22(6):e509-e512. (Request pdf)
Gerdts C
The UCSF Global Turnaway Study. October 2012.
Weitz TA
“Producing and Mobilizing Science to Oppose Abortion Rights in the United States.”. Fall 2012. Western Humanities Review (Western Humanities Alliance Special Issue—Health Rights, at the Crossroads: Women, New Science, and Institutional Violence) 2012, LXVI(3): 103-117.
Levi A
James EA
Taylor D
Midwives and Abortion Care: A Model for Achieving Competency September 2012. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, 57(3):1542-2011. (Request pdf)
Fogel SB
Weitz TA
The limits and potential of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in promoting women’s health. August 2012. Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century Papers, Washington, DC: Center for Women Policy Studies.
Lessard LN
Karasek D
Ma S
Darney PD
Deardorff J
Lahiff M
Contraceptive Features Preferred by Women at High Risk of Unintended Pregnancy. July 2012. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health,
How women anticipate coping after an abortion July 2012. Contraception, 86(1):84-90. (Request pdf)


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