Early Abortion Training Workbook

Early Abortion Training WorkbookANSIRH’s Early Abortion Training Workbook was developed for use in a clinical setting where an experienced trainer or provider is available to lead a discussion of its didactic context and exercises. It is intended to help clinicians learn to identify key elements of informed consent counseling, recognize major psychosocial issues of importance for women who seek abortions, understand the basic steps involved with first-trimester vacuum aspiration abortions and early medical abortion service provision, and identify common complications related to first-trimester abortion care.

Now in its fourth edition, the workbook is currently in use at top medical schools around the world. It is designed for use with Management of Unintended and Abnormal Pregnancy.

Use the links at the right to access a free downloadable copy of the workbook. If you are unable to print the workbook at your own institution, you may contact the TEACH (Training Early Abortion for Comprehensive Healthcare) Program at info@teachtraining.org for a pre-printed copy.

Supplementary training tools and resources

Additional downloadable chapters:

Chapter 11: Evaluation—Instruments

Chapter 13: Office Practice—Tools